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Ice Cream Carts are $95.00 per day. If your event is at a secure location, ex. home or hall, it can be delivered the day before the event and picked up the day of or the day after the event based on the time of the event. If your event is not at a location where a cart can be left, ex. park, or company celebration, it will be delivered close to the start of the event and picked up shortly after it ends.

Delivery fees are based on distance from our home office and based on mileage. We primarily deliver anywhere from Bay City to the Ohio Border,  If you are outside that area call us and we will work with you.   Contact us and we will give you a quote.

We have a wide variety of Ice Cream and Popsicles.  Please click on the Sweet Treats link above to view the complete list.  We will do our best to get all of your favorites, if for any reason your item is unavailable, we will replace it with an item of the same value.

A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is due when your Cart Reservation is made plus 50% of the Cost of the Ice Cream you choose. The remainder of the balance is due at drop off.  There is a $25.00 Cleaning fee if the Cart is not returned in the condition it was delivered in. There is also a $200 fee if the Cart is Damaged. By placing a deposit you agree to the Terms and conditions Stated above.

Equipment Rental: By placing a deposit and accepting the Ice Cream Cart at delivery you agree to adhere to the following: You(Customer) take on full responsibility for the equipment for the duration of the rental, this includes theft, vandalism, abuse and misuse of any and all equipment Rented out by AAA Ice Cream Carts. By making the $50 deposit and accepting equipent upon delivery you release AAA Ice Cream Carts of any Liability on any and all equipment that could cause injury or in the worst case scenario death. You also agree to any and All costs that may be necessary for the damage that is done.

Ice Cream options are due 7 days prior to your event date. Changes to Ice Cream can be made up to 4 days prior to your event. After that time you are welcome to contact us however we can not guarantee availability of your choices.

Cancellations can be made up to 7days prior to the date of the event and you will receive a full refund with the excption of the initial $50 deposit made to secure the date.  


WE accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.